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Beth Sager

Beth Sager
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    A little background…I was born and raised in a family of REALTORS. Dinner conversation at our house usually included a phone call from a client. We learned early and we learned a lot. High school and college summers would find us answering phones and making appointments for the brokers in the office. The whole family had their real estate license because you never knew when you might need to fill in for a busy colleague.

    Since that time, my husband and I have bought and sold many properties in many towns finally settling down for the long term (which we consider ten years) in our present house in Lexington. We have loved every house we have lived in from the 2 family in Wakefield to the Bungalow in Arlington, but with four children, 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 4 chickens we definitely need the suburban yard to call our own.

    My career over the past twenty years, beyond the early real estate grooming, includes a stint in land development and home building. After getting an MBA in marketing from Boston University, I worked in financial services as a private trader for a small boutique firm and then as a Sales and Marketing Director for a hedge fund company in Boston.

    My clients would tell you that I am persistent but pleasant, creative and persuasive. My personal goal is that at the end of each transaction, you feel like you have received the best service possible – and I can almost guarantee you will.

    • Top 1% of REALTORS in the country
    • Top 100 REALTORS in Massachusetts
    • Featured on HGTV show

    My passion is creating a real estate transaction that provides superior customer service to you. With an MBA in marketing, undergrad in Finance, and a past career in hedge funds, I have the skill set that sets me apart from other agents. My special skills lie in negotiating the last dollar, whether I am on the buy or sell side, I manage the deal in your best interest.

    I partner with you and provide a full-service experience like no other. Try me and see for yourself. Specializing in the Greater Boston Area.

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